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theowlrey's Journal

the owlrey. harry potter fanfiction.
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welcome to theowlrey your stop for EVERY KIND and ship of harry potter fanfiction!

Basic Comm. Rules
> NO COPYING (STEALING) OR PLAGERISING!!! if you do either, you will be banned from the community. Don't say we didn't warn you!
> be nice. don't flame someone's fanfiction. if you have some critisism, don't start cursing and yelling.
> you MUST MUST MUST place your fanfiction behind an lj-cut! if you dont, your entry WILL be deleted. if you DO NOT know how to use an lj-cut, there's a thing called the FAQ you might want to check out

Allowed Type of Posts
> NC-17 and R fics are welcome. but please post a warning!
> Fics of any type. This means drabbles, ficlets, songfics, etc etc.
> links to other journals. but please be considerate and make them in a new window (again if you dont know how, check out the FAQ)
> links to friends only posts. i can understand why someone would make it friends-only, however please include a warning!!!

Posts NOT Allowed
> fanart. this is for fanfiction
> advertising. there are other communities for that
> any fanfiction that is not HP related (okay you're seriously dumb if you break this one.. i mean seriously guys)
> Essays. yes i love writing essays but this is only for fanfiction.
> newbie posts. these get really annoying after awhile.
> links to challenges. again there are other communities for that.
> asking for a beta. try hp_betas

considering you followed all these rules, please post this:
Pairing: (if there is none, you dont have to put it)
Type: (ie: drabble, ficlet, oneshot, and so on)
WARNING: (only if you need it of course)

please put something in the warning section when having a fiction about the following:
Rape, graphic dying or sex, incest, homosexuality, spoilers to books, a large amout of swearing
or anything else you want the reader to be warned about.

If this is part of a series, put it somewhere! a good place would perhaps be the warning section or summary :)

if you have ANY questsions regarding these rules, please ask in the first post HERE and i will of course answer them!

Happy Reading!